Bigger Testicles More Sperm

Does having bigger balls create more cum?? If so what can i do to make my balls bigger?? Can it cause cancer??
22 Jan 2003 help resolve a dispute .the bigger your balls the more sperm you put out??? or not??? bigger allows to store more which means you can
Guys with big balls usually cum more and more cum = good :D I love the feeling of having large balls banging against me when having sex.

More sperm is needed by polygamous males than by monogamous males. Polygamous males generally have larger testicles than monogamous males.

as a species issue, animals with larger testicles produce more sperm to compete with other males. In humans it's not so much of an issue.

16 Feb 2011 Promiscuous ape species have bigger testicles, and the latest discovery finally provides evidence that they also produce more sperm.

23 Mar 2010 Rather, the rivalry occurs after mating, as sperm battle inside the female. Not surprisingly, males with larger testes produce more sperm—giving

5 Feb 2009 Are those with larger balls more likely to cheat? If so, would How do you measure how big balls are? . He was making sperm but not a lot.

10 Nov 2010 Traditionally, the assumption is that larger testes produce more sperm per ejaculate and thereby provide males with an advantage in sperm

11 Apr 2012 When it comes to balls, size matters — to a point. "In general, the larger a man's testicles, the higher his testosterone level and the more sperm

And the more testosterone you have in your system, the bigger your ejaculations the leydig cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone and more sperm.
i remember that when i used to cum i would shoot cum like a LONG As for more cum the more foreplay with the testicles the more cum is produced. .. I've always been a BIG shooter myself, both power and quantity: 8 – 11
Big Testes in Apes = more promiscuous and more sperm Physical had the biggest testicles are more promiscuous and produce more sperm.
Do both testicles produce sperm? Yes. Both testicles produce sperm that is stored well in advance of the sexual act and the ejaculation. How can you get your
9 Mar 2008 But then, their testicles would have been much larger and they would have produced even more sperm per ejaculate had women been more

24 Jan 2006 Okay guys, if you had a choice between having a big brain or big .. er, increases because larger testes produce more sperm and second, that

I would think his rather large testicles produce much more sperm than normal sized ones, and if he didn't ejaculate for a while that could cause

28 Feb 2012 The main factor determining the number of sperm in each service is testicle size. The bigger a bull's testicles the more sperm-producing tissue

Males with larger testicles produce more sperm, and therefore have an advantage in such a sperm competition scenario. This is called sperm competition theory,

24 May 2009 Second, a massage helps your testicles generate more sperm, increasing your sperm count and They may also appear larger than usual.

27 Jan 2006 The same amount of smoking is more risky for blacks than whites and less Reason for big testicles: If a female is taking sperm from you and

25 Jan 2012 They review evidence from a variety of animal species in which all the polygamous animals have proportionally bigger testes, more sperm and

27 Mar 2012 What happens, then, when the sperm have to compete so much is that natural selection favours males with larger balls that produce more
5 May 1996 THE question sounds so simple: Do men today have fewer sperm than And the investigators found no changes in sperm counts in each region for more than two decades, . It's a matter of big testicles versus little testicles.
18 Feb 2011 Promiscuous ape species have bigger testicles, and the latest discovery finally provides evidence that they also produce more sperm.